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Date Published 25 November 2015

Today, the Chancellor of the Exchequer will make his autumn statement on behalf of the Government. This entails a state of the economy, future plans are revealed in regard to spending and he will inform us which government departments will have their budgets cut and which ones will receive extra funds normally for health and security.

Maybe this is a time to take stock of the year we have had so far, a look into the future and delve into our finances to see where we could save a little from, and maybe spend a little more.

If we start with our own health, would it be worth obtaining quotes for private health care? We all read and hear stories as to how over stretched the NHS is, and we like to think that the care would be there if we needed it. It may be worth looking online for some quotes for the family.

Security is at the forefront of all our minds at the moment and a good use of an hour of your time would be to walk around your property checking fences are secure, all locks including window locks are fully functional and in good working order, if you have an outside lamp, is it still working? The local Police website will give you the crime map for your area on reported crime. Would it be beneficial to install an intruder alarm? Also check your smoke alarms, are they in good working order?

Do you have a spare half an hour to run through your bank statements?, are there any payments you do not recognise, are there any regular payments that can be reduced such as contact lens', broadband and telephone bills? It is always worth giving your provider a call to discuss moving away from them, you will be surprised what they can offer you to keep your business. I have done this recently and received savings on Sky T.V. as Sky did not want to lose my business.

I think the biggest savings over the year would either be switching mortgages, utilities or changing supermarkets. The internet has many websites comparing services of all kinds and time spent looking at these sites would be time well spent and money saved.

From a homeowners point of view, make sure that your contents and buildings insurance is valid and for the correct amount, I have heard horror stories relating to underinsured properties.

If you would like an honest valuation on your property I invite you to make contact and we can arrange this for you.

Whatever the Chancellor announces this afternoon, make sure your house and finances are in order by the end of the year.

Written by Jeremy Tyler, Director at Tyler Estates.