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Space saving ideas for the New Year.

Date Published 04 January 2016

As we get back to 'normal' after the Christmas and New Year break, are you struggling where to find space for all those presents you and your family received or is your home naturally short of storage facilities and places to hide your belongings?

Below are a few space saving ideas to help you along the way.

1. Buy thinner hangers.
Have you too many shirts, T shirts or dresses and lack enough hanging space? A great space saving idea is to use thinner hangers rather than big, bulky shirt hangers, this would allow more to be hung in the same space in the wardrobe.

2. Use plastic cartons for cereal.
Have you noticed that cereal boxes seem bigger whilst the contents reduced? If you re-cycle the cardboard box and put the contents into a plastic carton this will save much needed space in the kitchen cupboard.

3. Under stairs space.
The space under the stairs can be invaluable for storage such as shoes and coats or could you fit a desk for a computer? Shelving works well or a pull out shelving system which would utilize the full depth of the stair.

4. A Wall bed.
For those occasional times when you have guests stay over; have you thought about a pull down bed that when stored is upright against the wall and can be lowered down when needed.

5. Bed with storage.
Many of the leading bed companies now stock these. They create a large area of extra storage within the bedroom for items such as shoes, small suitcases, handbags or gym bags.

6. Cabin beds for children.
Quite popular a few years ago, allowing children to have a small play area, a desk or extra storage under the bed, with the bed being accessed via a small ladder, the kids love them!

7. Place the television on the wall.
Thus removing the need for a T.V. unit; the Sky.t.v box or cable box can be placed on a newly erected shelf just below the television and cables can be hidden within the wall.

8. Use the height of each room.
By putting up shelving over doorways gives you an instant book shelf.

9. Install floor to ceiling and wall to wall units in bedrooms with sliding doors.
These cleverly designed units offer the best solution to your storage needs. If you write down beforehand what it is you need to store, including what percentage of hanging space and shelving is needed, you could also incorporate a safe securely fixed to the inside wall and the unit can be finished off with mirrored doors thus reducing the need for a free standing mirror.

These are just a few small and easy to implement space saving ideas, on a bigger scale, it may be possible to convert a garage or a loft or to extend the house to the side or rear to give an extra bedroom, living space or a larger kitchen.

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