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The secret to selling your home for the asking price

Date Published 21 November 2015

Have you ever spent time looking at homes on and thought, "they will never get that much for that?" We'll I hate to spoil your train of thought but quite often the owner does get the asking price. So why is? I shall explain, it is all about perception. What is perceived to be good value or worth the money.

There are many simple but effective steps you can take and with the help of a good estate agent, you too can achieve the asking price if not more. Firstly, invite a friend to go round your home and be critical about any repair issues, things that you had always meant to get round to fixing but hadn't as yet. Does each room have a clearly defined function? Can all doors be opened fully? And is the home smell free, carpets free from stains and paintwork looking clean and fresh. These are just some of the steps we advise sellers to look out for. We have many more.

Your estate agent also has a big part to play. The property details should sell the area and location not just the house, a floor plan is essential, accompanied viewings by the agent a must and why not hold an open day to create the social proof that there are many people also interested in your property.

Planning is key, don't be in a rush to get our home on the market, work a marketing strategy out with your agent with a launch date in two weeks' time and plan what needs to be done in the build up to the open day.

On the day, you and your family can go out and leave the rest to your agent, hopefully if all goes to plan you will receive many offers and some great feedback. Property sold within two weeks and at the asking price or more. What could be simpler?