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Billericay ‘Home Owning` Movers and Shakers in 2018 04 December 2018

It"s now commonly agreed amongst economists and the general public that the dramatic rise in Billericay property prices of the last six years has come to an end. Read the National newspapers, and they talk of doom and gloom in the British housing market with such things as strained buyer affordability (as property prices have increased over the past six years at a far faster pace than average salaries), a lack of new properties being built and the Brexit uncertainties over the last two and half years being blamed for the slow down - yet in the last 12 months, people have still been moving, buying and selling in Billericay at levels similar to the last six years - something tells me we have a case of ‘bad news selling newspapers".... Read More

Stock Road … the Road Where People Move the Most in Billericay 22 November 2018

Many folks say moving home is the most stressful thing. Moving home is like someone (and that someone is usually you and you are the cause of this devastation) has collected all your worldly goods, put them into brown boxes and into a lorry making your whole life look like a Amazon delivery van, only to spend the next six months unpacking it all, whilst unable to find important things like your bank cards, ‘those" shoes or special jewellery!... Read More

2 bed or 3 bed homes – Which Sell the Best in Billericay? 12 November 2018

A few months ago it was taking on average 51 days from a property coming on the market for it to be sold subject to contract (and that was based on every Estate Agent in Billericay) … and today … 109 days .. does that surprise you with what is happening in the UK economy? A number of Billericay landlords and homeowners, who are looking to sell in the coming months, have been contacting me recently to enquire what difference the type of property (i.... Read More

The £1,415,671 Ticking Time Bomb for Billericay Landlords 07 November 2018

"I just love looking over and keeping up to date the 108 pieces of legislation that govern the rental of residential property in the UK" ...No Billericay Landlord, ever If you are one of the 431 Billericay landlord"s that manages your own property, would it surprise you to know that there are 108 separate pieces of legislation that govern the rental of private houses to tenants.... Read More

Billericay First Time Buyers Need 11.4 Times Annual Salary to Get on Housing Ladder 30 October 2018

What is it to be British? Our stubbornness, long-suffering stoicism, our vexation at injustice, our obsession with football and rugby, we are weather obsessed external awkward noncommittal modest people whilst underneath seething like a volcano because someone jumped the queue….... Read More

The Billericay Property market 28 June 2018

Property sales in Billericay have seen a 6% drop in the past 12 months. Growth over the same period has been positive with a 3% increase and over the past five years, we have seen a growth of 55%. The Average property sale price was £440,810. 39% of sales were for semi detached homes and 38% opting for a detached property.... Read More

Property consultant required 19 March 2018

Self-employed Property Consultant required Are you Dynamic, energetic, personable and looking for a new challenge? Tyler Estates are looking for an experienced Property Consultant/ Negotiator to help expand into new areas. This role would be challenging yet rewarding with scope to manage your own workload If you are friendly, reliable and passionate about property and helping people you need to be talking to us.... Read More

Important court ruling for landlords 05 March 2018

I wanted to update you on an important court case decision relating to landlords issuing notice to their tenants. A county court ruling on Section 21 notices could have drastic implications for landlords and lettings agents who haven"t obtained gas safety certificates ahead of a tenancy starting, lawyers have warned.... Read More

Ten Questions every seller wants answered 14 December 2017

Home buying comes with a number of different questions that you want answering yet there is no reason why home sellers won"t also have unanswered thoughts running around their head. Whilst the selling and buying of homes are completely unique processes, with a little preparation both can be stress and hassle-free.... Read More

The true cost of moving 27 September 2017

We all do it at some stage in our lives, whether it is to smaller or larger accommodation or relocation due to work commitments, we all move home from time to time. This article looks at the financial costs involved with moving from one property to another.... Read More

Being a good and legally compliant landlord 20 September 2017

As a landlord, you are in a position of trust and responsibility. You have certain legal duties to meet and certain things you must not do. You must not harass your tenants, you must make sure the heating works and the property meets all the statutory requirements.... Read More

The key to holding a property sale together 13 September 2017

We have all heard too many stories or unnecessary delays, money and time wasted and buyers pulling out of property purchases, in this article we give you the low down on ways to speed up the process and explain some pitfalls to avoid. Under English law, a buyer is only committed to carry on with a purchase once their offer has been accepted, after contracts have been exchanged.... Read More