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Ten Feelgood Stories That Made Us Smile in Billericay During Lockdown 19 June 2020

Three months is a long time when you"re in lockdown. In this three-minute read, we look back at some of the feelgood stories and snippets that cheered us up during this extraordinary period.
Clapping for the NHS

We Brits are usually quite reserved, so it was quite something to see so many people out on the streets clapping, cheering, and banging saucepans for the NHS.... Read More

How Covid-19 Changed the Property Market in Billericay 15 June 2020

In this 2-minute read, we unveil how Covid-19 has changed people"s property priorities.

Space may well have been the final frontier for the crew of the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek, but it"s also made the news recently much closer to home.... Read More

The Billericay property market has woken up fresh but have you? 08 June 2020

We discover why people in Billericay are having sleep problems and what they can do to help themselves get a better night"s rest—a 2-minute read.

According to a BBC report, people across the UK are struggling to get a good night"s sleep since the Covid-19 outbreak began.... Read More

What will you be doing during your summer holiday this year? 26 May 2020

Let"s look at the two things which seem sure to happen during this year"s summer holiday season—a 3-minute read.

It"s the ‘will we, won"t we?" question of the moment.

Will we get our two weeks holiday in the sun? Or won"t we?

The current situation means it"s unclear if people in the UK will be able to make their annual summer pilgrimage abroad to sunnier climes.... Read More

Five reasons to be cheerful in Billericay this Feel good Friday 22 May 2020

Let"s take a moment to celebrate some of the joyous, upbeat, and downright quirky stories that made us smile this week.

The Knitting Nana
A nimble-fingered Norfolk Nana is raising funds for the NHS. Margaret Seaman, 91, is knitting a woollen tribute to the Nightingale hospitals set up to provide care during the Covid-19 crisis.... Read More

How the pets of Billericay are helping homeowners and tenants during lockdown. 20 May 2020

In this two-minute read, we look at the ways pets are bringing comfort, companionship, and calmness to people across Billericay. And what you can do to help your furry friends in return.
It"s often said the UK is made up of animal lovers.

And since the lockdown began that love affair has grown even stronger.... Read More

Why gardening in Billericay is good for you 14 May 2020

In this two-minute read, we look at why doing a spot of gardening is good for your health and potentially your wealth.

Alongside home baking, videoconferencing, and hair clippers the popularity of the Great British outdoors has rocketed since the lockdown began.... Read More

A Coronavirus Update for Homeowners considering selling in Billericay. 11 May 2020

In this three-minute read, we share four simple ways you can get your property ready for sale if you are thinking of moving when lockdown ends. And we share four things we"re doing to continue serving our clients and to keep everyone as safe as possible.... Read More

When lockdown ends how will technology shape homes in Billericay? 04 May 2020

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, there was a debate around whether technology was good or bad for society.

But thanks to online home-schooling helping our children, video conferencing allowing us to communicate with colleagues and Facetiming meaning we can stay in virtual touch with relatives the debate has waned.... Read More

It`s feel good Friday 01 May 2020

In this two-minute round-up, we share some of the good news and positive things happening during life under lockdown across Billericay the UK and further afield.

Welcome to the sixth Feelgood Friday update from us at Tyler Estates.

Yesterday Boris Johnson and his team of medical experts shared positive statistics from the nation"s fight against this awful disease.... Read More

The Positive Impact of Coronavirus on the Planet 21 April 2020

Tomorrow is World Earth Day (April 22), and in this 90-second read, we discover the impact the Coronavirus has had on the environment.

The outbreak has caused pain, misery, and anxiety across Billericay and the globe.

But it has also had what many environmentalists describe as a ‘healing effect" on the local and global environment, wildlife, and the natural planet.... Read More

Will your life change when lockdown ends in Billericay? 20 April 2020

In this two-minute read, we look at some of the changes people are making in Billericay during life under lockdown, and how that will shape our community"s future.

Billericay has been under lockdown since the Government"s announcement on March 23 of the steps needed to combat COVID-19.... Read More