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What you love and hate about homes in Billericay 10 February 2020

In this 2-minute read, we look at what people love, and hate, about homes in Billericay

Valentine"s Day is just around the corner, and with romance in the air, we thought we"d share what makes people ilove their homes.

According to a news article based around a national survey by a conveyancing company, here are the top three things people loved most about the homes they bought.... Read More

What`s the ‘Brexit Bounce` in Billericay? 03 February 2020

In this 2-minute read, we look at the effect leaving the EU has had on the property market, and if there will be a ‘Brexit bounce" for house prices in Billericay.

Love it or loathe it, or simply sick to the back teeth of it, Brexit is happening.... Read More

How to beat the Monday blues 20 January 2020

In this 90 second read, we share why Monday 20 January is the calendar"s gloomiest day and how you can use as it as a springboard for better things.

Bob Geldof KBE sung about his dislike for Mondays in the classic Boomtown Rats" hit.
It"s safe to say then, that Bob REALLY wouldn"t like Monday 20 January.... Read More

What will Billericay homes look like in 2030? 13 January 2020

In this two-minute read, we gaze into our crystal ball while doing a quick Google search, to see what homes in 2030 might look like, work like and contain.

Back in 1989 the BBC technology show Tomorrow"s World looked at what the average UK home of 2020 would look like.... Read More

dispelling the January property myths in Billericay 06 January 2020

In this 90-second read, we reveal why there"s a lot more happening in January than new diets, broken resolutions and returning to normality.

"Nothing happens in January, does it?"

It"s a question we hear a lot from homeowners in Billericay who are thinking of selling but considering putting things off until spring.... Read More

How to stick to your resolutions in 2020 28 December 2019

In this 2-minute read, we look at how you can make your New Year resolutions last longer and why there"s one big lifestyle change we"re experts at helping you stick to.

We all know making New Year"s resolutions are simple but sticking to them is a lot harder.... Read More

Who wants to be a Christmas millionaire? 09 December 2019

In this two-minute read, we share some of the jaw-dropping amounts of cash millionaires splash out when celebrating Christmas. And, why they"re probably wasting their money.

Everyone celebrates Christmas in their own way.
It"s that time of year when many of us get a little looser with our grip of the purse strings, and the credit card gets a little (or lot) more use than usual.... Read More

Why the Big Boxing Day Bounce is Great News for Home Sellers 02 December 2019

In this two-minute read, we unwrap the staggering statistics and reasons which make Boxing Day more than just a time for food, family and friends.

Picture the scene -It"s the afternoon after the night before. It"s Boxing Day.
The presents are all open, the wrapping all recycled, visitors entertained and time for a bit of festive telly.... Read More

Beware of the Black Friday Scams 27 November 2019

Dental floss, microwave ovens and traffic lights are just a few inventions that America has given the world.
Our cousins across the pond have also given us Black Friday where businesses heavily discount their products and services.
The amount of online purchases surge on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.... Read More

Plan for a Plastic Free Christmas 22 November 2019

If it"s too early for some people to mention the C-word, it"s the perfect time to discuss the P-word – Plastic.

Plastic is something that is at the top of any sustainable Santa"s naughty list.
There"s no getting away from the fact that we will all use plastic at some point in the run-up to and during the festive period.... Read More

How to help your pets cope during fireworks season 01 November 2019

So the trick and treating is over for another year.

But fresh off the back of the ghostly going-ons of Halloween we plunge straight into fireworks season.Bonfire Night used to be consigned to November 5th but events marking this time of year can happen before and after the historic date when Guy Fawkes put a rocket under Parliament"s backsides.... Read More

Do you value your time? 09 October 2019

Did you know that there are 170 rules and regulations, landlords should be aware of when renting out a property?

If you are a landlord and you manage your own property or properties, this article will be of interest to you. We are come across landlords almost on a daily basis who currently manage their own tenancies, for want of a better word - "unintentionally badly".... Read More