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Feel good Friday in Billericay 03 April 2020

In this 90 second read we share a quick round-up of some of the good news which is happening during life under lockdown.

Welcome to the second Feelgood Friday update from us at Tyler Estates.

And here are four reasons to be cheerful and optimistic that Billericay, the UK and the planet, will pull through this testing period.... Read More

WARNING – Watch out for these Coronavirus scams in Billericay 31 March 2020

In this two-minute read, we discover the despicable scams which have developed around the Coronavirus outbreak. And how we can take action to protect ourselves, our families and our communities.

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) has created a surge of people feeling anxious and fearful across Billericay

And low-life scammers are preying on these emotions to trick people out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.... Read More

Reasons to Raise a Smile in Billericay 27 March 2020

In this 2-minute update we share a quick round-up of some of the good news which is happening during these tough times.

Welcome to what will be a regular Feelgood Friday update from us at Tyler Estates.
For every episode of selfish panic buying in Billericay, there are a dozen more examples of selfless behaviour, random acts of kindness and generous community spirit.... Read More

Is now the perfect time for people in Billericay to get organised? 26 March 2020

In this two and a bit minute read, we look at four fantastic ways you can use the ‘lockdown" to take on those decluttering chores, you never get a chance to do.

You know those jobs you always said you"d sort out when you got time?

Well with the Government"s instructions to Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives, that excuse might be wearing a little thin in a few weeks.... Read More

Working from home in Billericay 16 March 2020

In this two-minute read, we look at how technology and the Coronavirus are changing the way people work across Billericay.

Way before the Coronavirus outbreak seized the headlines, there was already a significant movement of people working from home.... Read More

A two-minute summary of the budget for people in Billericay 11 March 2020

A two-minute read. We take a quick look at what today"s budget announcements could mean for people in Billericay.

The new Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced his budget earlier.

From a property perspective, a lot of his thunder was stolen by the big news which broke around five hours earlier.... Read More

What was your favourite home in Billericay? 09 March 2020

In this 3-minute read, we discover a little history behind the places we call homes.

Two years ago, this week, one of the world"s brightest minds passed away on 14 March 2018.

Professor Stephen Hawking was a genius and his best-selling book A Brief History of Time introduced readers to scientific theories that he, thankfully for most of us, simplified.... Read More

Let`s help get the children of Billericay reading more 02 March 2020

In this 90 second read, we celebrate the upcoming World Book Day and some of the moving stories we"re lucky enough to share.

It"s World Book Day later this week.

This fantastic project aims to get more children reading for fun.

And we"re fully supporting its efforts in Billericay.... Read More

Why Home Comforts in Billericay Beat Palatial Living 24 February 2020

In this 2-minute read, we discover one of the World"s most expensive palaces and why people in Billericay prefer their own simpler home comforts.

Close your eyes and imagine the palace of your dreams.

On second thoughts, don"t close your eyes because you won"t be able to read the rest of this article.... Read More

What you love and hate about homes in Billericay 10 February 2020

In this 2-minute read, we look at what people love, and hate, about homes in Billericay

Valentine"s Day is just around the corner, and with romance in the air, we thought we"d share what makes people ilove their homes.

According to a news article based around a national survey by a conveyancing company, here are the top three things people loved most about the homes they bought.... Read More

What`s the ‘Brexit Bounce` in Billericay? 03 February 2020

In this 2-minute read, we look at the effect leaving the EU has had on the property market, and if there will be a ‘Brexit bounce" for house prices in Billericay.

Love it or loathe it, or simply sick to the back teeth of it, Brexit is happening.... Read More

How to beat the Monday blues 20 January 2020

In this 90 second read, we share why Monday 20 January is the calendar"s gloomiest day and how you can use as it as a springboard for better things.

Bob Geldof KBE sung about his dislike for Mondays in the classic Boomtown Rats" hit.
It"s safe to say then, that Bob REALLY wouldn"t like Monday 20 January.... Read More