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Are you creative, looking for an administration position and innovative? 21 May 2024

Are you creative, looking for an administration position and innovative?Tyler Estates are seeking to employ a dynamic person to support the team in the office, the role will be carrying out admin and marketing tasks.

We are quite flexible as to full time or part time for the right person.... Read More

How to turn viewers into buyers 05 April 2024

When selling your home, the goal is to attract plenty of interest, which in turn leads to a diary packed full of viewings. But a constant stream of viewers parading over your freshly vacuumed carpets with no offers in sight can be demotivating and, frankly, inconvenient.... Read More

Where are the viewers 01 March 2024

Five sure-fire ways to increase footfall and sell your home this spring.

If you"ve ever been picked last for a school team, ‘missed" out of the family WhatsApp chat, or have waited interminable hours in an online queue to book tickets for a once-in-a-lifetime gig, only to keep getting booted back to the home page to start again, then you"ll have some idea of the frustrations of trying to sell your home when you aren"t getting viewings.... Read More

5 Questions sellers ask us about moving home 22 February 2024

1. Should I sell my house first or find the next one?

This is always asked by sellers. My reply is a definite yes. The reason I say this is because once you have a buyer, you not only know how much money you have to play with for your next purchase, it also puts you in good stead to negotiate a better deal on your next home as you would have a complete chain behind you.... Read More

Are Mortgage Rates about to hit a peak after recent rises? 18 July 2023

This week saw UK mortgage rates hit a 15-year high, but with swap rates now beginning to decline, is there hope of repricing on the horizon?

Thousands of borrowers have been grappling with rising mortgage rates in recent months, with average two-year deals now surpassing 6% on a standard mortgage.... Read More

Tips to prepare your house for a viewing 18 July 2023

The ‘For Sale" sign is up and you"re hoping to secure a buyer. Now"s the time to roll up your sleeves and do what you can to sell your property.

When viewing a house, potential buyers often need a little guidance to see its full potential.... Read More

What the Energy Price Cap reduction means for energy bills 18 July 2023

After more than a year of rising energy bills, regulator Ofgem has announced a reduction in the Energy Price Cap from July to September. This is because wholesale energy prices are starting to fall. But Ofgem says it"s unlikely that prices will return soon to the levels we saw before the energy crisis began.... Read More

The UK`s most popular and valuable house numbers 18 July 2023

New research, looks at house numbers and discovers that when it comes to the most valuable, the traditional contenders are no longer top of the table.

To see which house numbers are currently the most popular and most valuable in England and Wales, Barrows and Forrester looked at the sold price data over the last 12 months for all types of home except those listed as ‘flats" or ‘other".... Read More

What smells will sell your house? 18 July 2023

For Brits looking to sell their home, new research has revealed the smells which could make their house more desirable to potential buyers.

A survey of 1,015 UK adults carried out by leading household appliances retailer, Read More

Latest property market figures show a robust and stable performance 19 May 2023

With the strong UK property market continuing to show ongoing stability despite economic headwinds, what are the current trends being seen across the sector?

Activity in the UK property market is down compared to the heights of the past two years, but the current figures illustrate it"s a return to normality and not a free fall, as some had predicted would happen.... Read More

8 red flags putting off buyers when you`re selling a house 19 May 2023

If you"re selling a house – or are thinking about putting your home on the market – the last thing you want is to put a buyer off with something that can easily be avoided.

When preparing to sell a house, we tend to be heavily preoccupied with wanting to add value to our home.... Read More

What are the current UK mortgage rates? 19 May 2023

If you"re thinking about buying a home, you might be wondering what the current mortgage rates are in the UK.

Lenders change the rates of their mortgage products regularly. That"s why we update the average mortgage rates weekly and compare how they"ve changed since the previous week.... Read More